CSEQ and CSXQ Survey Operations Closed in 2014

After 35 continuous years of operation (since 1979), CSEQ and CSXQ survey operation were closed after the spring 2014 administration. New orders are no longer being accepted. However, institutions and independent researchers may apply to license items from the CSEQ and CSXQ for local assessment or research purposes. Researchers may also purchase extracts of de-identified data for analysis. Contact us at 812-856-5825 or cseq@indiana.edu for details. Thank you for your participation and support!

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At a Glance


Designed to measure:

  • The quality of effort undergraduate students invest in using educational resources and opportunities provided for their learning and development.

  • The students' perceptions of how much the campus environment emphasizes a diverse set of educational priorities.

  • How the students' efforts and perceptions relate to personal estimates of progress made toward a holistic set of learning outcomes.


Undergraduate college students

Publication Dates:

1979-present; Fourth Edition: 1998-present




Background Information, College Activities Scales (Library, Computer and Information Technology, Course Learning, Writing Experiences, Experiences with Faculty, Art, Music and Theater, Campus Facilities, Clubs and Organizations, Personal Experiences, Student Acquaintances, Scientific and Quantitative Experiences, Conversations), Reading/Writing, Satisfaction, The College Environment, Estimate of Gains, Additional Questions


Any group of students at the institution or a consortium of institutions. At the discretion of institutional users. Paper and online versions available

Time to Complete Survey:

20-30 minutes


C. Robert Pace and George D. Kuh


Indiana University Center for the Study of Postsecondary Research, Bloomington