CSEQ and CSXQ Survey Operations Closed in 2014; Consider NSSE and BCSSE

After 35 continuous years of operation (since 1979), CSEQ and CSXQ survey operation were closed after the spring 2014 administration. New orders are no longer being accepted. However, institutions and independent researchers may apply to license items from the CSEQ and CSXQ for local assessment or research purposes. Contact us at 812-856-5825 or cseq@indiana.edu for details. Thank you for your participation and support!

If you have not participated in NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement) or BCSSE (Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement), now is a good time to give them a look. In 2013, NSSE was updated with new items, scales, and reporting, while continuing to offer a high degree of customization for comparison groups, topical modules, major field reporting, and more. BCSSE was updated to match in 2014. To learn more about how NSSE and BCSSE can help address your assessment issues, contact us at nsse@indiana.edu.

Thank you for your participation and support!

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Estimate of Gains

The Estimate of Gains section asks students to rate their progress toward important educational goals in college. Research shows that greater student effort within a supportive campus environment maximizes an individual’s learning and development in college. Students indicate their progress toward various developmental goals based on the following response options:

1=Very Little, 2=Some, 3=Quite a Bit, 4=Very Much.

The 25 gains items on the CSEQ cover a holistic set of learning outcomes. These fall into five major areas:

General Education:

Gains in acquaintance with literature, understanding history, knowledge about the world, etc.

Personal Development:

Gains in getting along with others, functioning as a team member, understanding self, etc.

Science and Technology:

Gains in understanding new technology, understanding science, analyzing quantitative problems, etc.

Intellectual Skills:

Gains in ability to synthesize ideas, think analytically, write effectively, etc.

Practical and Vocational Competence:

Gains in vocational preparation, professional skills, etc.

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